D4 Analysis

General info about the lot, its limits and development possibilities.

Besides the single level floor plan allowable by CC&R’S , D4 offers the possibility of using the natural difference of level between the average level from the front street, to the beach further lot line level, 3.20 meters or 10′-6″ difference.

The concept of using this space underneath the main level, increases the general construction area factor of 45%, but since it’s hidden from the general view and adjacent properties, and it doesn’t affect their view potential,  I have support the concept to the Construction committee,  to locate this levels.
as an example, the existing structure of Casa Diamante located on D6 & D7, which does not have windows from that level, it has a storage with a ramp access (slightly up to the beach).
This difference of level if its not used, its represents a volume of space that needs to be fill in order to level up at a street average height for the main house at single story.

Its definitely This concept upon approval of HOA , but I can prepare strong arguments to support it.
Lower Level must take into consideration adjacent constructions to define its size, and avoid damage to them, access stairs should be open, considered within the Patio / over the restriction area (so does not get included inside the 45% allowable for living area. (interior staircase will reduce usable square feet for main house).  Based on future proposal to HOA this area if it remains contained from the outside (no windows torch the beach, will remain as a basement.
If windows can be placed (as some other existing homes have) this area can be used as a beach level, with living space for family / game room, additional beach storage, and if budget allows it, also even a guest suite.

The following was a proposal, from the Guevara project including a Gym, bathroom, laundry & storage in the basement with 1,180 sq ft (additional to the main house that uses the 45% of the allowable construction area). stairs case its open, exterior, and links to the main house patio.