Costa Diamante rev 004-11

Hola Elaine & Phil,  To continue  and getting things ready for going up with elevations, need to address some last pending floor plan layout details:

* Landscaped  areas ( 40 % of restriction zones)
* Beach access definition.
To complete with percentages required by CC&R’S, I propose and incorporate some spaces for landscape / planters. spacilly playing with the main terrace and beach access stair way, general layout looks like the following:

update april 11th

As you may see, I incorporate a planter area on the beach front west corner of lot, and another at the beach front east corner next to the new design for beach access, this ones, in addition to the existing areas in order to reach the percentage of area required by CC&R’S.
Very important to mention, the location on each side of the house of these planters, will help to create rain water absorption areas to control water from rain storms and naturally drain it into the sand. Same case with the 3 square planters of the east side suites walk way refer to them in the following drawing with the letter “R”. will take care of the rain water of east section.
As you already see we will need to process and drain out, street rain water as well send it to the lot by street grade.
I represent this areas in green in the following layout, in order to show the analysis of area, represented as well on the chart to verify we comply with the 40% of the area inside the restriction zones for landscape (landscape can be have different grades of accents).

Highlighted green areas represent what is needed to cover the requirement of 40% of the restriction areas dedicated to landscaped areas.
With Proposed areas for planters & landscape, we are covering all the requirements of the revision by the architectural committee .

Beach Access.
Using the Past layout with the beach lounge (as a transition area in between mainterrace and the beach) as a starting proposal, I use the following ideas to present the following solution:
* Maximize the space at the main house terrace.
* No need of sitting area at beach lounge and reduce the space designated
* Place the circulation and beach entry point accessible form the common area walk way not directly from the beach.
* Find a spot for a storage space for beach stuff.
* Incorporate more rounded forms in to the design, and preserve beach shower area.

Important to mention that the thick walls on drawing are 20″ tall parapet walls bench style, to preserve the ocean view, as we have mention before and it will be a common element on the main terrace of the house.

Beach access is a simple program:
* Entry gate
* beach shower / foot wash valve
* Beach storage shown has 108 sq ft, having the option to be as deep as you needed , over all width can be extended as well, if main patio furniture will be store here.
* 39″ entry door can be modified for a wider one, if larger items will be stored here.
* 5 feet wide stair case to main deck.
* position of the entry, allow to monitoring access with a security video camera placed on parapets of main house structure.

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