Costa Diamante rev 004 15

Before getting to elevations, and its final design, its very important find a way we can solve the final and one of the most important factors at the HOA / construction committee review, the SLOPED roofs, point 3.0 “architecture image criteria” from the Costa Diamante Image Regulations:

From the Project lay out review 004 we have the following roof areas and the 70% we need to cover with sloped roofs:

Therefore, projection of elevations is becoming very interesting and complex since for this purpose, the following analysis needs to be created and tke it into consideration:
* general levels (topo survey)
* Air conditioning / subdivision of the system, locations of equipments on the roof (remember we didn’t leave spaces at ground level , so roof units need to be considered but, protect them as much as possible with the sloped roofs is a must.
* Electric considerations (100 amps per lot)
* Efficiency of the house, to reduce the required amount of A/c capacity.

Comply with 70 % regulation of sloped roofs, and use the remaining 30% of “Flat roofs” as service / equipment areas , positioning of a/c compressors, skylights (most of them on interior circulations and bathrooms locations.
So I start incorporating a brick dome on EVERY bedroom for visual effect, space comfort, interior height. Brick domes count or are equal to sloped roofs.
Largest areas on the house are the garages so here we go, I’m incorporating them, I think it will be enough but no, I have to add a ton more, so the questions is should I add the kitchen or the living room ?
Wind / sea breeze it’s a constant factor here, so Final decision is to go and have a sloped roof for the living room, Going higher to the back of this space and “Protect the area behind the kitchen (a/c units cove) this will create a wall against the sea wind for 4 ‘-5’ hight.
Final challenge, use the living space for sloped roof, but find a geometry in order to PRESERVE the roof deck. so I will have to use part of the living room / great room space but leave a section for the roof deck and make it look god from the outside elevations / proportion of the house, and from the inside. good thing is that sloped roofs can be higher than the flat roofs , so let’s use this in the advantage of the project.

after moving things around this is how I was able to rech the requested percentage (barely) using for it considerations on space proportion, appearance, structural feasibility / solutions and within CC&R’S:

One Last consideration for the HOA review, is about skylights, this ones should not use more than 10% the total roof area, on this point we are doing ok , event that I remove a couple of them from pantry area (and need to provide some natural light some how) .

This is how it looks the master plan and where the pitch of each sloped roof goes to, and indicates already the areas where we need to work to control rain water .
With this positioning of the sloped roofs, and covering cc&r’s requirements , now I’m ready to trace elevations and to pull the most out of them.
* sloped roofs with clay tile are by now represented with the brown color degradation.

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