Sea Wall 2A – 9

To complete the sea wall proposal, I have  the doubt about the beach access staircase solution, having here a lot of configurations that can be apply based on your personal input for it.
If you have two beach front lots, do they:
– Have a Single (independent) staircase per each beach front home.
– Share a beach staircase in between beach front homes
– Ocean view lots, do they will access the beach through the property or through the public beach access on the side?
– Property dimension allow to consider a direct launch ramp for toys.

Interesting situation to consider, since I strongly recommend to built the stair case structure Inside the sea wall (a very solid concrete structure) than have them pop outside the sea wall line, making them very vulnerable to the high / extreme tides.

Physical line at the center of the beach front , to divide equally in two lots.
Recessed staircase with side ramp to slide / drag toys (property didn’t have enough area to give ramp a regular inclination) Lot 2 section 9.

Solution for this need to be considered from the core of the new sea wall, if needed, graphic examples can be drafted and as well define a cost projection of it.

Example of construction of sea wall lot 2 secc 9, time was an issue since sand erosion put in risk the structure of the house.