Local Architects Association swears in new board

On the evening of Friday, December 6th, the Puerto Peñasco Architects Association (Colegio de Arquitectos Rocaportenses, A.C.) swore in new board members for the 2013-2015 cycle. Members of the association, along with invited guests, first heard words from exiting Colegio president Arq. Pedro Lasso Martinez. Arq. Lasso remarked upon a number of highlights from his period as President, including various times Puerto Peñasco was represented at both State and National forums and congresses. He also stressed the outstanding participation of Arq. Daniel Almada in the National Biennial of Architecture in which his project was granted an honorable mention.colegio de arquitectos rocaportenses 1

Engineer Daniel Escalante, present on behalf of Engineer Heberto Reyna Orozco, Director of Public Projects, Urban Development, and Zofemat, indicated the importance of the Architectural Association’s participation in areas of municipal development. He also congratulated the new board members for their roles.

The incoming board of the local Architects Association was sworn in by Gustavo Turati Hernández, President of the local Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) and is made up by:

  • President , Arq. Plinio Rivero Lavin
  • Vice-President, Arq. Daniel Almada Ibarra
  • Secretary, Arq. Francisco Ramon Celaya
  • Treasurer, Arq. Maribel Cornejo Rocio

colegio de arquitectos rocaportenses 3Incoming President, Arq. Rivero Lavin, highlighted the importance of keeping both architectural and construction professionals prepared and up to date so they may offer high quality services, both for projects and investment as well as for any community member requesting a consultation.  He further stressed concerns of those within the field in seeking solutions together for the city in the area of urban development. This area of study offers new trends and solutions, while breaking with traditional paradigms, by putting people as a priority over automobiles in solving urban problems.  On behalf of the Association, Arq. Rivero expressed the group’s interest to join in actions by supporting projects they have in common with other groups and associations who continue to strive for a better city overall and a better quality of life for its residents.  After thanking Colegio members and guests for their attendance, the swearing in ceremony of the Colegio de Arquitectos Rocaportenses, A.C. came to a close.

Annual Course to Certify Project Supervisors

The recent swearing in of new board members to the Colegio de Arquitectos Rocaportenses, A.C. comes on the heels of a training and certification course for Project Supervisors (Directores Responsables de Obra – DRO), which took place November 29th and 30th in Puerto Peñasco. The annual course addressed topics including concrete durability in high sulphate climates, Mexican concrete norms, as well as stamped concrete and roads.  The conferences were led by Engineer Eduardo Hernández Alfaor, technical consultant with Grupo Holcim Mexico.Curso DRO 2014 COARQRP 5

An additional topic within the course this year was a presentation led by members of the local Association of Public Accountants, C.P. Lorenzo Cuadras and C.P. Ruben Robles, in which they provided a general review of recently approved fiscal reforms that will go into effect in January. These reforms include important considerations for the area of construction in particular.

Founded in 2007, with courses such as these, the Colegio de Arquitectos Rocaportenses, A.C. continues its efforts to establish standards of quality in the work and professional participation of its collegiate members within the community.

Curso DRO 2014 COARQRP 1