Custom Home Project

The following are the contents of our design process and plan making in order to develop a custom home that fits your needs.Our development process allows us to define every single component of the construction, and work with you through the options selection as to what works best cost wise for your needs. Starting with […]

Sea wall progress Oct 03

Hola Everybody, here is an update on the works: We spend last week (1st) Opening the ditch for new footer placement, and pour it, in two sections about 36′ each, immediately we start putting together the steel for the wall first (lower section). For the weekend, we Keep preparing next section of the wall,  and […]

Sea wall process Lot 30 Section V

Buil back in 2007, this sea wall has been ion charge of keep one of the most amazin propertys at Las Conchas safe, it’s sea wall built with one of the strongest concrete mixes I have order (5,600 pounds / inch or f’c=400Kg/cm2) , it has endure the challenges of the tides and storms, a […]

Design update

Following layout updates the past concept where we have all the living area at a second story, having at the ground level, Garage, mechanical & circulation to upstairs. Second story was 50 % above fill that at the same time was requiring retaining walls to contain it.New layout, uses individual bedrooms & Jack & Jill […]

3D Initial views!

Model shows general concept visualizing the volume, and structural solutions we are3 considering to apply. Basically we are using it to make sure elevations and elements work fine in between each other. Haven’t apply yet recent change request to: * move forward the sundeck shade. * Place shutters for beach side windows. * Additional exterior […]

Layout & elevation update.

Hola Praveen & Bindu, here is latest layout update, elevations & sections. At this point most of the key structural elements have been defined, and proposed. from the bottom to the top (sundeck).To start I need to mention I’m using a 1′ elevation to define main house floor above the street level, from there we […]

Updated Layout!

New Layout, updated from initial presentation, having master bedroom completely private at the west side of the property, and at the opposite side, second master, Bedroom 3 & 4 with Jack & Jill Bath.Imove pantry and laundry to the back of the kitchen, Iost the big window to the desert, but try to have a […]