Custom Home Project

The following are the contents of our design process and plan making in order to develop a custom home that fits your needs.
Our development process allows us to define every single component of the construction, and work with you through the options selection as to what works best cost wise for your needs.

Starting with a design program, with your personal “wish list” of spaces to include in the design, we include up to 3 full reviews in order to resolve the initial concept for your house in a very creative way.
Parallel to the design, we run a cost analysis projection in order to define most of the multiple components and decisions that need to be made to produce the construction plans, and lock them to a cost per sq ft that works within your budget.

With your direct participation, once the design is approved, we produce all the technical information needed to submit for permits, and to build the house of your dreams.

Our Project content includes:
Architectural drawings:
* Master plan
* Floor plans (per levels)
* Elevations
* Sections
Mechanical drawings:
* Structural engineering plans & details
* Hydraulic design & plans
* Sewage design & plans
* Electric engineering drawings & calculations
* Air conditioning plans
* Finishes schedule & Masonry details plans
* Custom Carpentry plans

We believe a successful construction process begins with creating and defining all elements that will make up the final product.

The best decision you can make for your investment is that of developing a complete project, one that precisely and efficiently defines the construction process.