Sea wall process Lot 30 Section V

Buil back in 2007, this sea wall has been ion charge of keep one of the most amazin propertys at Las Conchas safe, it’s sea wall built with one of the strongest concrete mixes I have order (5,600 pounds / inch or f’c=400Kg/cm2) , it has endure the challenges of the tides and storms, a must since it’s the main pilar of the hole house. with recent storms, sides neighbors have been lost their sea walls a couple of times, and this one has done the work of protect the property. recent cut out samples of the concrete (2021) give us the peace of mind that their steel remains clean of rust and in great shape, due to a quality controil of the concrete and the vibrating process of it while pouring, making sure no air bubbles remain on the cement – sand – water mix.