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4.0 Floor Plans!

Hola, sending the first floor plan with a complete solution for the areas that we have talk about (shortly) and we will need to polish area by area (For the design team is our proposal 20th) on this one, we show what we have considered the best solution for filling up the lot with the […]

3.0 Garage analisys # 6 we have a winner.

Working around the idea of maximum improvement of the lot, using the concept for a frontal acces ramp for a garage, we have the following circumstances: * to make the access the most easier on ramp descending level, and to clear the possible structure pass through for a full size SUV (75″) we need to […]

2.0 Parking & Garage Analysis.

Hola! moving forward witht the preliminary analisys, we are checking the requirements and option for locate parking space required by CC&R’S (1 space inside the lot per each bedroom on the house). If we are planning on have 4 bedrooms on the house, we need to locate this 4 spaces, plus the intention of having […]

1.0 Initial Design Parameters.

We start the design work, with the analysis of the physic conditions of the lot, the surrounding structures, views corridors, in order to evaluate the and use them on the behalf of the project . This exercise allow us to gather as much info possible, and use it to support the design work decisions. The […]

1.0 Parametros iniciales de Diseño.

Hola Naomí, Iniciamos el trabajo con un análisis de las condiciones físicas del terreno, así como del entorno, para evaluar las mejores posibilidades de desarrollo del proyecto, este ejercicio nos va sensibilizando para conocer todos los detalles, que nos permitirán obtener el mejor rendimiento en el proceso de diseño.  Tomé  las siguientes características como prioridades […]